Liquidations, Auctions & Appraisals

How to Buy

How to Buy

+ If you are looking to purchase inventory and equipment from our liquidations and auctions, please contact our in-house sales department or join our e-mail database to have instant notification about our new projects.


+ We handle liquidations & auction sales nationwide. You may purchase at huge discounts from retail and wholesale prices.


+ We handle inventories and equipment from retail, wholesale, industrial, motorsports, and equipment industries.

For additional information about the buying process, please

call 616.719.5917 or e-mail us at Sales@LiquidAP.com

For most of our projects you can:

  1. Call our office at 616.719.5917 and speak with a member of our in-house sales team. They can provide you with pricing, additional information & photos, shipping quotes (applicable only for bulk orders & large items) & are able to invoice your order & collect payment.
  2. Payment by credit card, cash, bank certified money order & wire transfer.
  3. You can visit the onsite location during their hours of operation (will vary project to project) and payment & pick-up can be made through our onsite manager.
  4. Most auctions will have online bidding available where you can place your bid through an online auctioneer’s website. If online bidding is available, a link will be posted on our website.
  5. All sales are final & items are sold “As Is”, “Where Is”.
  6. Inventories & photos will be available on our website (most projects will have additional items available not listed on the inventories).

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